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He makes me lie down in green Pastures

At some point in our lives, most of us have memorized Psalm 23 and can recite it at the drop of a dime. But today, I as read it aloud one verse jumped off the page.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

More specifically “lie” and “green”—Why did he make him lie down. He could have easily just sat down or been wondering around the green pastures. Lying down puts your body in a state of rest. Your heart rate is slower, your brain function slows and your body begin to heal or restore itself.

Now, why was the color green specified? Green means: life, renewal, nature. So the color green signifies that the pasture is fertile. The grass is not dead or it would be brown. So as the sheep feed, they are receiving nourishment. And as the get nourishment, they are being energized and strengthened.

So it is our job to be Sheep and trust our Shepherd. The Shepherd’s primary role is the safety and welfare of the sheep. He leads them to the best pastures. Pastures that are fertile and green to make sure they have the best nourishment. While the sheep are resting (being restored) or grazing (being fed), the Shepherd is keeping a watchful eye. He is making certain that the territory is free from predators and that the sheep are not consuming poisonous plants.

If we are to be as sheep, we must surrender as sheep. Sheep follow their Shepherd without hesitation. If we are to be as sheep, we must submit to the Shepherd. The sheep don’t make their own path, they submit to the path of their Shepherd and follow.

So this is my interpretation of Psalm 23: 1-3...

The Lord is my Shepherd-my protector and my provider. He meets all my needs and I lack nothing that I am REQUIRED. And because I have no lack, I have no worries so I can rest in a place that is fertile and full of life. A place of peace that energizes me. Since I am rested and rejuvenated, my soul is restored.

Prayer: Thank you God for helping me to be as a sheep. To follow where you lead me without hesitation. I know and fully trust that you watch over and protect me while I “lie in the green pastures”. God, thank you for your faithfulness and t

oday I choose to be as a sheep. Amen!

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